Frquently Asked Questions

While we feel that our questions and answers page addresses the information most frequently requested by our customers, our sales personnel is available during our business hours to further assist our customers' needs.


Q) Why are no prices displayed on some merchandise? And why do I have to "call for a discount"?

Some of our manufactures do not allow pricing on-line, and some of the ones that do allow it, have suggested selling prices that we believe are too high. We believe in giving our customers the best prices so we will always give you significant discounts over the suggested selling prices. That"s why you have to "call" or "e-mail" for a price or discount. You may obtain a quote by requesting it here on-line, by calling us at (800) 275-4647 during our normal business hours, or sending an email to Sales.

Q) What does free shipping mean and does it include in-home setup?

Our service is simply the best! If you live in any of the areas listed as "FREE SHIPPING" areas, we provide FREE curbside shipping as long as the order meets the minimum shipping requirement of $699.00. For orders under the minimum, we also offer convenient pickups from any one of our store locations. Also, if you live outside of our "FREE SHIPPING" areas, we are usually able to deliver to you for a very nominal charge. Please call and speak to a sales representative for more information. Please note that it is the Customer's responsibility to inspect all freight for damage and/or carton damage at the time of delivery. For orders totaling less than our minimum shipping requirements, please call and speak with one of our sales representative to ensure that your order can be fulfilled.

We recommend opting for our White Glove delivery service where our men will deliver and setup your furniture in your room of choice. This service is comparable to most competitor's Platinum White Glove service and includes deluxing of product, where everything is opened and inspected prior to delivery to ensure that there are no damage and / or defect, removal of all packaging and final inspection with the customer. Most assembly is done ahead of time which also allows our men to be able to be in and out of your home quickly. Currently, we are only able to ship to NJ, NY, MD, MA, PA, RI, VA, VT, CT, DE, FL, GA, NC, SC. Please call if you living in any other states and are interested in purchasing our products. While we work to improve the way that delivery charges are assessed during the checkout page, we encourage you to call in when placing orders for larger items that are not drop-shippable so that we can give you an accurate quote for in-home delivery.

Most stores and online retailers contract out their deliveries so you never know who may be coming into your home. Also, many online stores lure you with the promise of "FREE DELIVERY" only to inform you at the time of delivery that there are exorbitantly high additional charges to assemble chairs for your dining room set or to walk up a few steps into your home. With us, you will never have this type of complaint. Since we do not contract out our deliveries, delivery times are quick and you can be sure to receive our A+ all the way through. Our delivery teams have been working with our company for years to give our customers the best and most courteous experience ever.

Q) What does our Promised Delivery date mean?

Unlike other stores and online only operations, We have full control over our shipping and delivery thus delivery times are predictable, especially in the immediate areas of our stores, see Immediate Delivery areas. Our promise is our reputation and we are proud to keep it! With all the stress of moving or renovating, delivery should be the least of your worries. When we promise a delivery date, you can count on us delivering ON or BEFORE that delivery date. We have trucks in New Jersey EVERY DAY, New York City area every other day and Philadelphi area usually twice a week, so if we have the product in stock (and generally we carry a LOT of items in stock), then you can get delivery as promised. For items that must be ordered from our Manufacturers, we offer some of the fastest delivery times. See lead times.

Q) What areas are eligible for Immediate Delivery?

Immediate Delivery is available in New York Metro areas, All of New Jersey and Philadelphia and its suburbs and is available on all in-stock merchandise including clearance center or showroom samples. Generally, we can deliver such products within 3 business days. Please contact the store for more details.

Q) What if you are not home when my merchandise is delivered?

All deliveries are confirmed with the customer prior to us loading the trucks. If you are not at home once a delivery is confirmed and when the delivery men arrive, the delivery team will return the merchandise to the warehouse. In that case, there will be a second delivery charge.

Q) How long will it take to get my furniture?

Each manufacturer has different lead times for orders to be processed and shipped to us. At Home Living, we try to stock in our inventory hundreds of our better selling products. "Special Orders" may take upto 8 weeks to arrive into our warehouse. Once items are ready for delivery, it may take upto 14 days for them to be delivered to you depending on how far you live from our central warehouse.

Q) What are the method of payments you accept?

We accept all methods of common payments including Cash, Check, credit cards(Visa / MC / Amex / Discover). We also accept wire transfers. In order to prevent credit card fraud, we may require a copy of the credit card you are using for payment along with drivers license copy if the billing address for the card does not match the shipping address. For our international customers, payments can only be in the form of certified funds, ie wire transfers.

Q) Need your furniture delivered sooner than what is listed as Promised Date?

Call us at (800) 275-4647.

Q) Do I pay Sales Tax?

As required by law, we collects sales tax for New Jersey residents. For all other states, we do not collect sales tax. Please check with your state's tax laws to determine if you owe use/sales tax to your state for out-of-state purchases.

Q) Do you offer layaways and what are the terms of the layaway?

Yes, we offer layaway! Any order with a deposit of less than 50% is deemed a layaway unless otherwise agreed to on the sales invoice. For layaways to stay valid, you must make a payment atleast once a month. If you are unable to make a payment, we ask that you contact us and let us know so that we can extend the layaway. Normally, layaway are good for 12 months. Please note that prices may vary at the end of the layaway if prices are increased by our vendors.

Q) What does it mean when item says "Express Shipping"?

Many of the smaller packaged items are able to be shipped directly from the manufacturer to you and some of these items will say "Express Shipping" or "Drop Ship" available. Such items are generally shipped via UPS or Fedex or other such common carriers. Most of these drop ship items require assembly and it is your responsibility to ensure proper assembly and function. Contact us any with any questions.

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