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    About Allergy Rest

    Allergy Rest is an American company devoted to providing quality bedding accessories at an affordable value. We have spent time researching and designing our mattress protectors and have exceeded the factory standard. Our mattress protectors have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that it is waterproof, dust mite resistant as well as bacterial, fungi and allergen resistant. Our proprietary mattress protector lets air permeate the dual protection layer while trapping liquids, bacteria and allergens at the top. The air keeps the consumer cool throughout the night while the waterproof layer protects your mattress from perspiration, urine, fluids etc. All these things can stain and void the warranty of your mattress. The waterproof membrane is delicate and we recommend washing the protectors in luke warm water and tumble dry with no heat. This will ensure the longevity of the protector as well as keep the waterproof layer from damaging.
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